Before beginning to contribute, however, please read these brief guidelines, as well as our about page. Depending on an case's demonstrated susceptibility to vandalism, according to its visibility or the degree of controversy surrounding the topic, the edit button may not be shown for all users. (Vandals are reported via email to [email protected] and may be temporarily blocked from editing EBWiki.)
Most cases start as stubs, but after many contributions, they can become featured cases. In addition to research a case and writing an case themselves, users can write to us and request that we find out information on cases that we do not have listed.
Above all, it is important to understand that in contributing to EBWiki, users are expected to be civil and factual, respecting all points of view, and only add verifiable and factual information rather than personal views and opinions. Verification includes cases, news stories and original documents. You can add as many links as you like to support your edits and additions.


To add a new case:

  1. Login with an email and password

  2. login
    If you have not signed up, click sign up at the top right corner of the header or the link below log in button, fill the form and click "SIGN UP" Button to submit sign up

  3. Click the “Add a New Case" Button in the Top right corner of the header.

  4. Add case
  5. Enter content in the fields as indicated (Date, Victim Name and State)

  6. New case Form Case Form
  7. Ensure all required fields are filled, click‘CREATE CASE' to submit
  8. Create Case

To edit existing case, login and view an case. Click on the Edit button beneath the image and you will be taken to the data entry form similar to the one for entering new data.Edit the entries and click "UPDATE CASE" to submit.
Edit Case

To follow existing case, login and view an case. This will display page similar to editing a case. Click on the Follow button beneath the image to follow a case(when this button is clicked, it changes to “Unfollow”).
To unfollow existing case, view an case from your profile and click Unfollow button.
Once one follows a case, the case is displayed on the user profile as shown: User profile


To add a new agency, login and view an case, click on the Edit button beneath the image this will display the data entry form similar to one for adding a case. Scroll down to the Agency section and click 'Add a new agency' link.
Add New Agency Form for adding a new Agency will be displayed, enter content in the fields as indicated and click "CREATE AGENCY" button to submit.
New Agency Form

To update an existing agency, login and visit this will display a list of all Agencies, search the Agency you would like to update and click 'Edit' link. List of Agencies
This will display a form similar to new agency form, update the fields as indicated and click 'UPDATE AGENCY' button to submit.
Update Agency Form