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Willie B Greene Jr, 39
Houston, Texas
February 06, 2003

Agencies: Harris County Sheriff's Office Texas | Harris County District Attorney's Office Texas

Last updated: about 1 year ago

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Willie B. Greene Jr. , b/m, 39, shot to death by Harris County sheriff's deputies Michael Ray Franklin and Shane David McCoy, who claim he tried to run down McCoy in a stolen car. Officers said the man was asleep in the car, and they "tapped on the window." They claim the man started the car, rammed the patrol car as he backed up, then drove "straight toward" McCoy. Both of the deputies shot several times into the car, killing Greene. (See photos showing bullet holes entering from the side, not the front, of the car.) Franklin and McCoy were no-billed. Greene is the 4th person known to have been shot to death this year, and this is the 10th officer-involved shooting this year by Harris County police officers.