Victor Montero Diaz, 45

Madison, Wisconsin
April 12, 2006

Agencies: Dane County District Attorney's Office | Madison Police Department - Wisconsin

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: over 3 years ago


On April 12, 2006, Victor Montero Diaz, 45, locked himself in a bathroom at a BP gas station and called police, reporting that several men with guns were trying to kidnap him.  Madison Police Department (MPD) officers Kip Kellogg and Kirby Harless arrived at the scene, where they say Montero Diaz responded that he didn't believe they were police officers.  Montero Diaz then left the bathroom, trying to attack them with a steak knife.  Officer Kellogg shot Montero Diaz in the chest, which killed him.

In addition to Montero Diaz's call, his probation agent, Craig Holler, also called 911 that day, reporting Montero Diaz's story and his skepticism.

Legal Action

An internal police investigation and the Dane County District Attorney's Office cleared both officers of any wrongdoing.

Community and Family Efforts

The family of Montero Diaz released a statement in which they said they felt the investigating authorities did their best to explain the situation but questioned the length of the investigation and the department policies.