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Tyris Wilkerson,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
July 28, 2013

Agencies: Baton Rouge Police Department Louisiana

Last updated: 10 months ago

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Sirens blared and emergency lights flashed as two flat tires spun on the road, spewing sparks and emitting the shrill screech of metal on asphalt. An end was near.

But the fleeing SUV trucked on, its driver undeterred by a 10-minute police chase through much of Baton Rouge’s Garden District. Eventually, a police car pulled into the SUV’s path, and the erratic driver headed straight for the unit until the bullets arrived.

One bullet. Two bullets.

The driver, whose actions were captured by dashboard cameras inside a police car, began to turn. A third bullet pierced the windshield, and as the driver passed the police officer, a fourth and a fifth bullet entered the vehicle through the open driver-side window, forensic evidence shows.

One of those two bullets struck Tyris Wilkerson behind his left ear, killing him. The other exited the front passenger window.

A sixth bullet traveled through the rear windows, and, moments later, on that summer night in 2013, the SUV spun off the road and crashed into a gate at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. The chase ceased.

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October 2014 Officers cleared