Travis McNeil, 28

Miami, Florida
February 10, 2011

Agencies: United States Attorney’s Office | Miami-Dade Police Department Florida | Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office Florida

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: over 5 years ago


Shot and killed by a police officer working for a Federal task force after a traffic stop. DOJ (Dept. of Justice) found that the police department engaged in excessive force. Arbitrary Punishment / Killing, Extra Judicial Punishment, Summary Execution

Legal Action

Officer Goyos was not criminally charged in  Travis McNeil’s death, but an internal department review found he used “unjustifiable deadly force."

Two years after the shooting, Goyos was fired.

The Miami police union requires all firings go to arbitration. An arbitrator recently ruled  Goyos be reinstated.

February 2015  Yesterday the City of Miami Commissioners approved a $975,000 payment to the Estate of Travis McNeil to settle a civil rights case stemming from McNeil’s fatal 2011 shooting by a Miami police officer. Mr. McNeil’s Estate had already reached a $150,000 settlement with federal agencies who were also participating in the operation that resulted in his death, for a total settlement of $1.125 million.   Click here for a copy of the Press Release.  The Daily Business Review also did a story on the settlement.