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Timothy Mosely, 33
Kansas City, Missouri
June 14, 2018

Last updated: 5 months ago

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In a news release, the police department said officers were called to the scene of a disturbance between two men, identified as Timothy D. Mosley, 33 and Robert A. White, 34.

A caller said the men were fighting with a gun possibly, over a golf cart. 

Police said preliminary investigation showed Mosley had been thrown out of the Marriott Hotel for causing a disturbance. Police said he then went out to Barney Allis Plaza and used the handgun to rob a uniformed security guard of his property and golf cart. The guard escaped without incident.

When police arrived, Mosley and White were still fighting, but had broken up and started again several different times over the course of several minutes.

Police said the investigation showed that Mosley, in between the fights, walked around the plaza with the gun pointed in the air while yelling.

White stayed at the plaza, sitting at a picnic table, despite the arguing. Police said they are still trying to figure out what the men were fighting about, why White stayed on the scene, and whether or not the two were acquainted. 

Shortly after officers arrived, Mosley re-engaged White. During that altercation, Mosley allegedly pointed a gun at police, which prompted officers to open fire, striking and killing both Mosley and the unarmed White.

Police said officers gave the men first aid, but both were pronounced dead. 

They said they found the semi-automatic pistol along with a spent shell casing from it on the scene.

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Prosecutors will not file charges against two Kansas City police officers involved in a double fatal shooting at the Barney Allis Plaza in June 2018.