Teresa Banda, 58

San Antonio, Texas
December 30, 2005

Agencies: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Cause of death: Medical Neglect

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Inmate Teresa Banda was housed in unit OB (infirmary) Cell #16. On 12/30/2005 at approximately 2150 hours. Officer Amelia Saucedo #4108 began opening individual cell doors in the infirmary so that Nurse Duvelsa Dunphey can give medications to various inmates in the unit. At approximately 2205 hours inmate Bandas cell door was opened and Officer Saucedo called her name and there was not response. Nurse Dunphey entered inmate Bandas cell to check on her and inmate Banda was lying on her bunk and she appeared to be asleep. Both the nurse and Officer Saucedo called her name and there was no response and she was unresponsive. A code one was immediately activated at 2207 hours. The nurse that responded to this code are Anita Potter, Matt Velasquez, Al Zaldivar, J. Maxwell and T. Pickens. It was J. Maxwell and T. Pickens who did CPR until EMS entered the infirmary at approximately 2217 hours. The San Antonio Fire Department also responded. Inmate Teresa Banda was declared dead by EMS technicians Paleo #750 and Garza #818 at 2219 hours. CID was immediately notified at this time. Colonel Earl Griffin was immediately notified of this incident. The medical examiner was notified by Detective Roy Fletcher #4039. Detective P. Stewart #4011 and Evidence Technician N. Ramirez #4099 also responded to this incident and they arrived at approximately 2315 hours. Medical Examiner S. Casas arrived at 0015 and departed at 0016 hours. Alamo City Mortuary Service (Benny Marquez #3 and Joe Balderas #9) arrived at 0045 hours and departed with inmate Banda at 0050 hours. It should be noted that CID Investigator R. Fletcher stated that he would contact the next of kin. We were unable to find any information on who the next of kin is by CJIS or even records. Inmate Banda was booked into this facility on 12/27/05 at 0154 hours for Theft $50-500 and she had a bond set at 1000.00. Inmate Banda was dropped from the CJIS system on 12/30/05 at 2349. The deceased was transported to the Medical Examiners Office to determine the exact cause of death.

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