Shaun Conely Devell McCoy, 22

Torrance, California
July 14, 2007

Agencies: Torrance Police Department California | Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department California LASD

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Last updated: almost 6 years ago


A manhunt for two residential burglary suspects in a Torrance neighborhood ended when police fatally shot two men hiding in a backyard, police said Sunday. It was the third shooting involving Torrance officers in two weeks.

Authorities identified the two men as Shaun Conely Devell McCoy, 22, of Adelanto, and Charlie Maurice Wilson, 20, of Gardena. A third man arrested during the manhunt was identified as Erin Jamahl Madden, a 19-year-old football player at Compton Community College.

Police refused to say whether any of the suspects were armed or why officers opened fire Saturday morning. Authorities said the three men match the general description of suspects sought in three Torrance burglaries that took place Friday. Those suspects were described as black men about 18 to 22 years old.

Legal Action

December 2008 Settlement

Then in July 2007, Nazir and Officer Arlan Wells shot two burglary suspects a combined 23 times as the pair attempted to hide in the shed, according to the autopsy report and court documents.

The mothers of the two men - Shawn McCoy, 22, of Adelanto, a forklift driver at a furniture store, and Charlie Wilson, 20, of Gardena, a department store stock clerk - filed a lawsuit alleging the officers' tactics were "deadly, excessive, unnecessary and unlawful."

It was settled for $675,000 in December 2008, Fellows said.