Sandra Kay Bursey, 46

Dallas, Texas
August 29, 2011

Agencies: Texas Commission on Jail Standards | Texas Jail Project | Lew Sterrett Justice Center Dallas Texas

Cause of death: Medical Neglect

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Last updated: almost 4 years ago


On 8-29-11 at approx. 3:46am, inmates at the Lew Sterrett N. Tower Jail Facility 7th floor tank #7W09 advised the Detention Officers assigned to the floor, there was a sick inmate in their tank. The detention officers and medical staff arrived to evaluate the inmate and immediately began CPR. The inmate was identified as Bursey, Sandra Kay B/F 11-29-64. Dallas paramedics responded (unit 18) and arrived on the floor at 4:05am. The paramedics took over CPR when they arrived. Bursey was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital (PMH). Upon arrival at PMH, Dr. Metzger pronounced Bursey dead at 5:10am. Upon my arrival to the jail, I met Physical Evidence Det. M. Randall #534 who processed the jail tank where the death occurred and took Bursey's property and placed it into evidence. I proceeded to the jail tank and spoke to inmate Latoya Wilson B/F 09-13-81. Wilson said she was a friend of Bursey. Wilson said that Bursey told her serveral times during the past few days that she wasn't feeling well. Wilson didn't think Bursey notified the medical staff that she wasn't feeling well. Wilson also said the last time she saw her was about midnight where she got up for count. After count, she saw Bursey go back to her cell inside the tank and shut the door. Det. M. DeCardenas #299 assisted me to make notification. We went to 2903 Swanson St. Dallas, Tx. which was the address listed at book-in. We met Charles Edward Halloway B/M 09-21-48 who said he lived with Bursey before she went to jail. He advised that he knew Bursey had high blood pressure and he thought she had seizures. Halloway showed us where Bursey's relatives live which was on the next block at 2729 Swanson St. Dallas, Tx. We met Bursey's stepbrother Elvis Johnson B/M 07-07-76 and notified him at 8:59am. Johnson also had the name and phone number of Bursey's father. His name was Otis Bursey (address:942 W. 9th St. Dallas, Tx. phone:214-213-4821). At 9:15am, notification was made to Otis Bursey. On 08-30-11, I attended Bursey's autopsy at the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office. Dr. Reade Quinton performed the autopsy and ruled the death natural due to hypertension. The Dr. said they would be also be doing a toxicology test on Bursey. A subpoena for Bursey's medical records from PMH and jail medical records was submitted on this date. This custodial death is complete.

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