Rekia Boyd,

Chicago, Illinois
March 22, 2012

Agencies: Chicago Police Department Illinois | Independent Police Review Authority Chicago

Cause of death: Shooting

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Rekia Boyd was unarmed when she was shot in the back of the head by Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin, who was off-duty at the time.   Servin shot his service weapon into a small group of people shortly after telling a group that was arguing outside a liquor store to quiet down. His fire struck and killed 22-year-old Boyd.

Servin, who was sitting his car, said he fired his weapon because he saw that one of Boyd’s friends, Antonio Cross, was armed and was charging toward him. Investigators did not find a weapon. Cross was wounded in the hand. Boyd, who was about 30 feet behind him, was struck in the head.

On May 17, 2016, two days before the police board was set to hold a hearing that could have led to his firing, Servin resigned from the Chicago police department, stepping down from his post. The police department said in a statement that Servin's departmental records will reflect that he "resigned under investigation." and he will not be allowed to carry a firearm under state and federal law for retired law enforcement officers.

Legal Action

On Monday April 21, 2015, a Cook County judge acquitted Dante Servin of several homicide-related charges for the fatal shooting. And the courtroom attendees exploded in outrage as Judge Dennis Porter announced Servin was not guilty on all charges for killing 22-year-old Rekia Boyd.

Porter’s ruling was particularly confounding because of bizarre reasoning that some legal experts are calling “incredible.” In an opinion that lamented Servin was never charged with the more severe crimes of first- and second-degree murder, Porter suggested he was acquitting Servin and sending him home without any punishment because the involuntary manslaughter charge against him was actually not severe enough.

On September 16, 2015, the Independent Police Review Authority, an independent body that investigates all police-involved shootings in Chicago recommended that the police officer involved in the shooting of Rekia Boyd be fired, according to a statement from a Chicago Police News Affairs spokesman. IPRA . Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has 90 days to decide if officer Dante Servin should be disciplined.

October 2019 Chicago Cop Who Quit Force After Shooting and Killing Rekia Boyd Wants All Evidence of His Criminal Case Erased


Community and Family Efforts


On Thursday night, August 20, 2015, community activists and demonstrators shut down a Chicago Police Board meeting as they angrily demanded the firing of Detective Dante Servin, an officer acquitted in the fatal shooting of Rekia Boyd in 2012. About 200 people packed the meeting at Chicago Police headquarters in the Bronzeville neighborhood, many wearing yellow shirts with black print reading: "Fire Police Officer Dante Servin." The group comprised demonstrators from the Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Project 100 and We Charge Genocide groups.

July 2016 Cleveland Protest

September 2016 Rekia's Ride by 'New Era Chicago'

This program is dedicated to the memory of Rekia Boyd. Rekia Boyd was shot in the back of the head in 2012 by an off duty Police officer, who was acquitted of the charges. The purpose of Rekias' Ride is to give back to the black community and show unity through the demonstration of Black Love and selflessness. This program is one of the many ways New Era Chicago answers the call for collective responsibility to protect the welfare of our sisters and brothers.  Rekia's Ride will begin Friday, September 2, 2016 and go through March 2017.

September 2016 Aljazeera Documentary TheLives of Women

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