Reginald Bannerman, 36

Brooklyn, New York
December 19, 1997

Agencies: New York Police Department NYPD

Cause of death: Beating

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The man who died, Reginald Bannerman, 36, worked as a porter at BBB Soul and Seafood Restaurant at Bedford Avenue and Crown Street in Crown Heights. Early on Dec. 19, 1997, prosecutors say, he was savagely beaten on the street outside, after he argued with a group of off-duty detectives who were drinking at a birthday party at the restaurant.

The restaurant is six blocks from the Sterling Street subway station, where Mr. Bannerman died about 45 minutes later. The City Medical Examiner's office says his death was a suicide. But a lawyer for Mr. Bannerman's family says he was dazed by severe head and eye injuries from the beating and fell in front of the train.

The family believes Reginald, who worked at a bar, was chased to his death on the subway tracks by police who were angered by Reginald telling them to quiet down in the bar.

Legal Action

October 1999

Two New York City detectives were convicted yesterday of beating a man who was later struck and killed by a train in a nearby subway station.

But the convictions were for misdemeanor assault. The jury acquitted the detectives, who were off duty at the time of the incident, of more serious felony assault charges.