Raymond Eacret lamberson, 34

Eureka, California
June 26, 2015

Agencies: Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI | Humboldt County Sheriff's Office California

Cause of death: Beating

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Raymond Eacret, 34 yrs old, Yurok Tribe, Eureka, CA, June 26th, 2015, was killed in the Humboldt County Jail where he was held on a misdemeanor charge and was due to be released that evening. Something went horribly wrong just hours after his mother received a message from him telling her not to worry and charges were dropped as he was getting out around dinner time 4pm that day, they say he hung himself in the medical department of the Jail. For these reasons, there are no accessible places to hang yourself in the medical department, after talking to someone who was in the medical department at the time, who said her son was brought there beat up and unconscious. One officer said he was hanging when he was found and one said that he was in his bed. Raymond Eacrets mother was refused to see her son until after autopsy which was against ALL rights. His mother had every right to prepare him spiritually, traditionally due to his ethnicity and legal status being a American Indian tribally enrolled member. When his mother was finally able to see him, he had 2 black eyes, a broken nose, with multiple areas of bruising as if kicked, and broken back ribs that stuck out the size of a watermelon, and what ever was used to strangle him cut about 3 inches deep and didn't go all the way around his neck. His ear was bleeding and bruised. Only the Humboldt County Jail & Sheriffs dept., which is now also the Coroner's office, KNOWS THE TRUTH.

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