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Ramzi Saad, 55
Redwood City, California
August 13, 2018

Last updated: 5 months ago

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Ramzi Saad, 55, died of cardiac arrest after what started as a call on the evening of Aug. 13 about a disturbance between him and his 83-year-old mother in the 500 block of Lanyard Drive in Redwood City, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe wrote in a six-page letter to Redwood City police Chief Dan Mulholland.

A neighbor called 911 at 7:20 PM to report an alleged assault and threat to kill an 83 year old woman. When police arrived at 523 Lanyard Drive Redwood Shores, they saw neighbors restraining Ramsey Saad 55 the son of the alleged victim. A total of 4 police officers arrived and arrested Ramsy Saad, during the arrest he was tased 3 times and he stopped breathing at the scene. It’s not clear if he ever started breathing again from that moment. The District Attorney’s office said he was pronounced dead at a unnamed  hospital which could be true but it looks like he was dead at his home. Timeline still to be determined how many minutes from officers arriving on scene to Mr. Saad stopped breathing? It should be noted that no weapon was mentioned in this case.

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The San Mateo County District Attorney's Office announced that no charges will be filed against four Redwood City police officers in the case.