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Raason Shaw, 20
Chicago, Illinois
March 29, 2014

Agencies: Chicago Transit Authority Illinois

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Residents scuffle with officers as tensions run high in a South Side neighborhood after a man is shot and killed by Chicago Police.

Police say that the shooting happened as they interrupted a drug deal that was taking place in the neighborhood. The subsequent investigation forced them to close a five-block stretch of the area, even as a large crowd gathered to protest the shooting.

It was shortly before 9 Saturday morning, when police say two officers observed a hand-to-hand drug exchange taking place on the 6200 block of South Eberhardt.

It was, they say, during the subsequent foot chase, they noticed 20-year-old Raason Shaw clutching an object in his waistband. They chased him through gangways all the way to 67th and Rhodes and that is when they say he pulled a gun on them.

"As he jumps the fence he has a 40-caliber glock with an extended clip in his hand," said Pat Camden, Fraternal Order of Police. "He goes over the fence. Sees the officer coming at him, raises the weapon towards the officer, the officer fires."

Shaw was dead on the scene. And police say a glock semi-automatic handgun with a laser sight and extended high capacity magazine was recovered, but family and friends who witnessed the shooting, insist that's not true.