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Monroe Isadore, 107
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
September 07, 2013

Agencies: Pine Bluff Police Department Arkansas

Last updated: 5 months ago

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Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the 107-year-old man who was shot and killed by police. Monroe Isadore's family held a memorial on 13th and Pine Street for family, friends, and community members to attend.Isadore's family spoke out for the first time. Paula Aguilar, Isadore's youngest daughter, said Isadore supported the local police."For that to be who shot and killed him, that doesn't sit right with me," Aguilar said.According to Aguilar, Isadore lived in the home with a woman and her granddaughter, but he insisted on living independently.Pine Bluff police officers were called to the home on 16th Street where Isadore was living. They were told Isadore pointed a weapon at two people inside. They attempted to get the two people out of the home safely. Officers tried using a camera, negotiating tactics, and gas before shooting Isadore. Police said Isadore fired shots at the officers.Officers ended up shooting and killing him.The shooting prompted questions from residents, city leaders, and multiple public forums.Aguilar said many people in the community knew Isadore prior to his death."I would get people who would come up to me and say, 'Girl, I met your daddy. I went over there, and I sat down and talked to him and we'd talk for hours because you know he could talk about the Lord all the time. I mean he was very religious,'" Aguilar said.At Sunday's memorial, the family still has questions."Why did they shoot him? Why did they not contact the family? Why did they not give him time? There's a lot of why's and there's no answers to the why," Aguilar said.The family said they are not happy with the actions of Pine Bluff SWAT."Saying that he wouldn't do anything different. That's what's so hurtful to the family. That he doesn''s like he's not remorseful for what happened," Aguilar said. "He just doesn't care. For them to not even come back and even talk to us. To this day they still haven't talked to the family."Lawrence Walker, attorney for Isadore's family, said charges were filed last week against the city. He anticipates the charges will be received in the next week."We're hoping to get this case in front of a federal jury and get justice for the family of Monroe Isadore," Walker said. "We won't believe that a 107-year-old man needed to be gunned down when he had hearing issues that the police knew about, they knew of his age, they knew he had lots of children."According to Channel 7's report in 2013, the special prosecutor assigned to the shooting is done with the case. She said no charges will be filed. The police shooting was ruled justified.Isadore's survivors include three sons, seven daughters, 27 grandchildren and 66 great-grandchildren.


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July 2016 Officers told to hand back medals won for killing 107 year old Monroe Isadore

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January 2014 Family  press conference with lawyer