Michael Troy Swatosh, 25

Tulsa, Oklahoma
September 01, 2013

Agencies: Oklahoma Highway Patrol DPS | Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI)

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: almost 6 years ago


The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Swotosh was killed by off-duty trooper Sheldon Robinson in the early-morning hours of Sept. 1. The shooting took place at a motel on Admiral and Sheridan Roads.

"Everybody's broken," Trevino said. "Everybody has a piece of them missing."

Lots of questions are still waiting to be answered. Right now, OHP is investigating the shooting.

The agency says the trooper "felt threatened" after seeing Swatosh and another man and fired at them.

Swatosh died and the second man got away, according to OHP.

Swatosh was a father of two girls.

In the past seven years, 109 people have died statewide after being shot by law enforcement officers during incidents ranging from long, violent standoffs to split-second shootouts. Police say they are trained to use minimal force when needed but have only seconds in most cases to respond.

Experts say they aren’t sure of the reasons for the increase in fatal police shootings but point to increased militarization of police forces, more cases of “suicide by cop” and a need for more training.

Legal Action

September 2013 No charges for officer

November 2014 Trooper fired