Michael Todd White, 47

Vallejo, California
June 15, 2010

Agencies: Solano County Sheriff’s Office California | Vallejo Police Department California

Cause of death: Taser

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Last updated: almost 4 years ago


Michael Todd White (June 15, 2010)-It was reported that White had been involved in a minor dispute with a neighbor.  After a brief altercation, he retreated back to his home where he resided with his girlfriend.  The Vallejo Police Department responded to a call about the incident, with a full force of six police cruisers, followed by additional six or more cruisers plus motorcycle law enforcement personnel.  After entering the home and trapping White in the small bathroom of his trailer home, the Vallejo Police Department took the hinges off of his bathroom door and arrested him without incident.  A Code 4 call went out to dispatch alerting that the situation was under control.  However, after removing all residents from the home and handcuffing White, a disturbance took place and White was tasered several times.  A Code 3 call then went out to dispatch to send an ambulance.  The call to dispatch never occurred while arresting White leading many to believe White was tasered while handcuffed.  White was removed from the residence lifeless, dropped on a cement slab and then put on a gurney.  Although reports have White expiring at Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo, it is widely believed that his body was taken to Kaiser so a doctor could pronounce him dead on arrival and his body could be taken to the city morgue.