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Michael Santiago, 35
Brattleboro, Vermont
April 04, 2014

Agencies: Brattleboro Police Department Vermont | Vermont Attorney General's Office

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Early Friday morning, Brattleboro police officers attempted to gain access to a hotel room at the American Best Inn on Putney Road as part of an ongoing drug investigation, police said.

While entering the room, a Brattleboro officer fired his gun, hitting Santiago.

An investigation by the Vermont attorney general's office has ruled a Brattleboro police officer was justified when he shot and killed an unarmed drug suspect during a raid.

The report found Brattleboro Police Sgt. Mark Carignan shot 35-year-old Michael Santiago, of Brattleboro, twice with a shotgun after Santiago refused to show his hands while police forced their way into a hotel room to carry out a search warrant.

Before the April 4 raid, officers were warned the people in the room could be armed.

While police were pushing their way into the room, Santiago kept his hand behind his back and moved it in a manner another officer described "as being consistent with drawing a firearm."

Police found drugs, but no firearms.

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