Marlon Brown, 38

DeLand, Florida
May 09, 2013

Agencies: Deland Police Department - Florida

Cause of death: Vehicular

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"...preliminary reports indicate Marlon Brown, 38, fled from an attempted traffic stop, first in the vehicle he was driving, and then on foot.

A minute later, as Brown ran through a field, two DeLand police officers who heard the call over the radio followed in their patrol cars. Somehow, one of the police cars ended up knocking down a fence at the end of the field, and Brown ended up dead, under the car."

Legal Action

May 2013 Officer fired

August 2013 Settlement $550,000

October 2013 Suspicions about Autopsy Report by Medical Examiner

February 2016 Calls for Grand Jury reform


Community and Family Efforts


October 2013 Gun raffle for officer legal fee criticism