Maria Adriana Rocha-Mena, 42

Wichita, Kansas
November 26, 2007

Agencies: Wichita Police Department Kansas

Cause of death: Vehicular

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Last updated: over 3 years ago


Adriana Rocha-Mena was killed after she crashed her car during a police chase. According to police, an officer stopped Rocha-Mena for rolling through a stop sign. Rocha-Mena told the officer that her license was suspended, and the officer said to turn off the car and get out. Instead, Rocha-Mena drove her car over a railroad embankment. Other officers picked up the chase, but said they pulled back after Rocha-Mena's badly smoking car limited their visibility. Police said Rocha-Mena saw the stop spikes laid down by police and tried to avoid them, but lost control of the car, hitting a utility pole and then a tree. She died at the scene.

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