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Marcellus Wright, 25
Los Angeles, California
February 24, 2007

Agencies: Los Angeles Police Department California LAPD

Last updated: almost 2 years ago

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On February 24, 2007, at approximately 7:35 p.m., police assigned to Metropolitan Division were working a crime suppression detail in Newton Area.  The officers were driving an unmarked police vehicle.  At approximately 7:35 p.m., Police Officer III Mark Blizzard and his partner conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle near 36th Street and Broadway.  As soon as the vehicle stopped, one of its three occupants, Marcellus Wright, 25, jumped out and ran east.  The other two occupants sped away.  Officer Blizzard and his partner remained in the police car and followed Wright as he ran west on 36th Place, until he stopped and ran back in the officers' direction. 

Wright pulled a handgun from his waistband and aimed at police.  Officer Blizzard discharged his weapon leading to Wright's demise.  No officers were injured in the incident.  Wright's loaded .30-caliber semi-automatic pistol was recovered at the scene.