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Malice Green, 36
Detroit, Michigan
November 03, 1992

Agencies: Detroit Police Department Michigan

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Beaten in the head with a police flashlight, caused seizures and death; Arbitrary punishment, Arbitrary Killing, Extra Judicial Punishment, Torture

On August 23, 1993, both Nevers and Budzyn were found guilty in the murder of Malice Green, possibly averting the potential for outcry in Detroit. Later, the city awarded the Green family a civil agreement of $5.25 million. The officers would appeal their cases in the late 1990s, with Budzyn’s charge being lowered to involuntary manslaughter. He was released in 1999.

Nevers was initially denied appeal, but because of health concerns, he served out the rest of his sentence at home in 2001. The attorneys for Nevers and Budzyn successfully used a courtroom break showing of the Spike Lee-directed film “Malcolm X” for racially influencing the case in favor of the prosecution.

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Dates of Trials: First trial: JuneAugust 1993; Budzyn retrial: April 1998; Nevers retrial: March 2000
Verdict: Nevers and Budzyn: guilty of second-degree murder; Lessnau: not guilty
Sentence: Nevers: 12-25 years imprisonment; Budzyn: 8-18 imprisonment


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