Lawrence Hawkins, 56

Prichard, Alabama
November 23, 2017

Cause of death: Shooting

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Sheriff Sam Cochran with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference late Monday afternoon.

Sheriff Cochran says that investigators on the scene did not obtain a weapon and they do not believe Lawrence Hawkins was armed with a weapon. However, Sheriff Cochran did confirm that a cell phone was recovered on the scene. Investigators on the scene were also able to recover three shell casings, but they do not know how many shots were fired, Sheriff Cochran says.

The Sheriff’s Department is still waiting to interview Officer Johnathan Murphy, who asked to speak to an attorney before making a statement. Sheriff Cochran told news outlets that Murphy became an Alabama certified officer in November of 2016.

Sheriff Cochran also confirmed that the Prichard Police Department does not require officers to wear body cameras and that only some officers have dash cam capabilities.

Hawkins is related to a Mobile County Jail employee, according to MCSO.