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Lavar Montray Douglas, 17
Baltimore, Maryland
December 13, 2016

Agencies: Baltimore Police Department Maryland | Coppin State University Campus Police Department Maryland

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A man is dead after a Coppin State officer shot the suspect who was shooting at someone else, according to City police.

The officer witnessed the passenger of one car exit to shoot at another car. When the officer fired shots at the shooter, the driver who had the suspect in the passenger side of the car, fled the scene.

Sources tell WJZ the suspect killed was an 18-year-old male, not a student at Coppin State University.

Campus police say their officer happened to be in the right place at the right time before chaos spilled onto campus.


Evidence markers and bullet casings littered the intersection of Warwick Street and Windsor Avenue Tuesday night as gunfire erupts near Coppin State University.

The call came in just before 6:30 p.m., two vehicles heading from the Mondawmin Mall area turned near campus. Police say one of the cars stops and a gunman gets out, runs into the intersection and starts firing at the other car.

This all unfolds in front of an campus officer patrolling in an unmarked vehicle who then jumps into action.

“The officer exited his vehicle in full uniform, and fired upon the suspect, striking him, suspect has been idnetified as young adult male, and been pronunced deceased at hospital,” said Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Police say the two cars involved then took off.

“We’re in dangeorus business, we’re in a tough business and he did what he’s trained to do,” said Leonard Hamm, chief of campus police at Coppin State University.

Junior Yetunde Alawaiye thought the gunfire was from a movie she was watching. Then, she realized it was all very real.

“It’s just something that happens on a normal day here in West Baltimore specifically. I heard an officer say, ‘put the gun down. Move away, move away,” she said. “It happened right behind my window. That could have been any student. It was crazy.”

“For the most part, everyone did a good job following that, and to find out it wasn’t a student who went here was even more comforting,” said senior Samuel Perry.

“The officer happened to be in right place at right time, this could have been a run and gun battle that could’ve ended up on campus,” said Smith.

Police say they’re unsure exactly how many people were in each car and worry there could be more shooting victims.

Police are still looking for the two cars that took off but have not released a description and there is surveillance video of the incident.

The conditions of others involved have not been released at this time.

“We know there are too many guns on the street. I just believe that it’s out of control. The shootings have got to stop, the killings have got to stop,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Baltimore City Police are the primary invesitgators in the case. Anyone with information is urged to call police immediately.

Below is a ludicrously censored Police video.

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