Laurian S Rova, 48

Baytown, Texas
August 24, 2005

Agencies: Texas Commission on Jail Standards | Texas Jail Project | Baytown Jail Texas

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Last updated: almost 4 years ago


Report by Marvin Currie 100/3934...On Wednesday, August 24, 2005 I was dispatched to the Baytown Jail, 3100 North Main, Baytown, Harris County, Texas. Reference checking with EMS who had a patient. Upon arrival I had overheard on the EMS radio that CPR was started on the subject. Upon arrival at the jail, I observed several EMS/Fire personal in the observation cell working on a subject. I got the information on the prisoner from Jailer McDonald. Jailer McDonald told me that the prisoner had come in for DWI on the graveyard shift. Ms. McDonald stated that she took the prisoner, ID as Laurian S. Rova W/F DOB 10-16-1956, out of the cell to use the phone. Ms. Rova was trying to call her sister to bring some seizure medicine to her. There was no contact and Ms. Rova was placed back in the observation cell. Ms. Rova laid on the bench in the cell. A few moments later, Jailer McDonald heard Ms. Rova gasping for breath. Jailer McDonald opened the cell and saw that Ms. Rova was having trouble breathing. EMS was called. EMS transported, CPR in progress, Ms. Rova to the San Jacinto Hospital ER. Baytown EMS arrived at the hospital at 0956 hrs. Ms. Rova was pronounced dead by Dr. A. Gokhale, MD at 0958 hrs. Ms. Rovas patient number is H0002379709. I called and talked with John Fraleigh at the Harris County ME Office. He took down the needed information for the ME Office. Ms. Rova as assigned ME Number 05-2363. Mr. Fraleigh advised that the ME transport van would be en route to pick up Ms. Rova. Sgt. Erikson notified Ms. Rovas sister Joan Schell. Ms. Schell arrived at the hospital and viewed the body. Ms. Schell and Sgt. Erikson went to 919 Northwood and notified Ms. Rovas boyfriend, Randy Hall.

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