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Laketha Mashell Thomas, 40
Huntsville, Texas
June 07, 2013

Agencies: Huntsville Police Department - Texas

Last updated: 8 months ago

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On 06/04/2013, a Laketha M. Thomas, 40 year old female, was arrested by the Huntsville Police Department (HPD). The HPD officer placed Ms. Thomas in the Walker County Jail, for a class B misdemeanor theft warrant, at approximately 11:36 am. Immediately upon intake in the Walker County Jail, a staff member completed a medical form that is mandated by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. It did not appear that Ms. Thomas provided any information that would give the staff any reason to believe that there were additional medical risks. Part of the booking process was completed by the jail staff and Ms. Thomas was then placed into the holding cell. Ms. Thomas was in the holding cell with other females during part of the time, however, the other females were complaining about Ms. Thomas behavior. One of the concerns was the fact that Ms. Thomas was trying to remove something from her vaginal area. Let it be noted that Ms. Thomas was not stripped searched, upon entry in to the jail because she did not meet the requirements for such a search at that time. Ms. Thomas was later moved into a holding cell by herself. The jail nurse on duty also spoke with Ms. Thomas in an attempt to obtain further information or to determine if any further medical attention was needed. The nurse later stated, that Ms. Thomas had admitted to taking some hydrocodone prior to her arrival at the jail. The staff provided Ms. Thomas with a mattress and kept her in the holding cell to complete the booking process and for observation. At approximately 3:41 hours, Sergeant Keith DeHart was in the booking area and walked by the holding cells. As he was looking into the holding cell where Ms. Thomas was located, he could not visually observe her. He then summoned a female jailer to enter the holding cell, at which time they discovered Ms. Thomas lying faced down between the toilet and wall. They then placed Ms. Thomas on her back and summoned assistance from the on duty nurse. As the nurse began checking vitals, they requested the staff to call 911 and request medical assistance. The nurse then began CPR and continued the procedure until EMS arrived and took over. The EMS personnel then transported Ms. Thomas to the Huntsville Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for further medical treatment. Due to the obvious serious medical condition, the Walker County Sheriffs Office, Criminal Investigation Division, and the Texas Ranger were notified. The holding cell was secured until it was turned over to the investigators. On 06/05/13, we were informed that Ms. Thomas had been transferred from the Huntsville Memorial Hospital to the Hospital in Conroe, TX. On 06/07/13, we were notified that they had pronounced Ms. Thomas as deceased at approximately 9:45 hours this date and an autopsy would be conducted. The investigator form the Sheriffs Office and the Texas Ranger continued their investigation. We were later informed that the autopsy was completed, however the final report was still pending due to the toxicology results.

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