Kisha Elizabeth Arrone, 35

Dayton, Ohio
April 17, 2016

Agencies: Dayton Police Department Ohio

Cause of death: Shooting

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Arrone was armed and had allegedly threatened to kill her partner. Police stopped her while she was driving and shot her when she got out of the car and fired the gun into the air while walking toward a group of people, authorities said.

Police in southwest Ohio say three officers have killed a lady after she fired shots into the air and threatened to kill her home associate.

The lady has been recognized as 35-yr-old Kisha Arrone of Dayton.

Dayton police issued a press release that claims officers responded early Sunday to a call about shots being fired. Witnesses advised police Arrone shot into the air after placing the gun to her associate’s head.

Police say officers discovered Arrone driving a pickup truck and used spike strips to flatten her tires when she refused to cease. Police say Arrone exited the truck and fired extra shots into the air as she walked towards her companion, prompting officers to fire deadly rounds.

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