Kindra Darnell Chapman, 18

Homewood, Alabama
July 14, 2015

Agencies: Alabama State Bureau of Investigation | Homewood Police Department - Alabama

Cause of death: Suicide

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Kindra Darnell Chapman, who was booked Tuesday night, July 14, 2015 on a first-degree-robbery charge, was found dead in her cell just under an hour and a half later. Kindra Darnell Chapman was reportedly booked at Homewood City Jail Tuesday at around 6:22 p.m. on a first-degree-robbery charge for allegedly taking a cellphone from another individual. She was last seen alive at 6:30 p.m. Jailers found the 18-year-old a little under an hour and a half later, at 7:50, unresponsive. According to officials, Chapman used a bed sheet to hang herself. Authorities say she died from self-inflicted asphyxiation only a day after Sandra Bland was found dead in a cell in Texas. Five black women died in custody in the United States during the month of July 2015. #‎RaynetteTurner‬ ‪#‎SandraBland‬ ‪#‎KindraChapman‬ ‪#‎JoyceCurnell‬ ‪#‎RalkinaJones‬

Legal Action

On Thursday July 23, 2015, Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls released a statement that read, “At this time, I see no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the arrest and detention, and I believe that her death is the result of a suicide.” According to the press release, his office had received reports from Homewood police officers and video from the night of Chapman’s death and interviewed someone who was in custody at the jail when she died. He said there is no evidence on any of the videos that she was injured as she was transported or booked into the jail. According to him, the video later showed her taking her own life. Falls said he will not release the videos of Chapman being booked into jail unless her family requests it.

Community and Family Efforts


On July 21, 2015, Six Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested in Homewood shortly after gathering outside the city jail in protest of the reported suicide. Four women and two men were taken into custody at 9:42 a.m. after police say they walked out in the middle of U.S. 31 at 29th Avenue and blocked traffic, refusing to move.

July 2015  Rally in Union Square for ‪#‎SandraBland‬ ‪#‎KindraChapman‬ and other black women murdered by police.

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June 2016 Protest Grand Central NY

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