Kiana Nicole Blakey,

Cleveland, Ohio
August 19, 1989

Agencies: Cleveland Division of Police Ohio

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Last updated: about 4 years ago


Arthur Blakey II, brother of Kiana Nicole Blakey, murdered by an off duty black Cleveland Police officer, on August 19, 1989
I stand with the defiant and the bravery with other that have came out to tell their stories of the horror of police murder, although they hurt deeply to hear and to stomach, these and many others that are unheard are the very stories that should be heard, and this is the scope of why I am in support and endorse the call of #RiseUpOctober, and with all those hurt by the coldness of the cruelty and hatred of law enforcement all across the country, and would urge others to speak out, and step out in support of the many that say that this must stop, and it must stop now. It is long due time to ask the question, “which side are you on?” This is a question for all of humanity and of all races that can not longer be ignored, and we can no longer be silent and stay on the sidelines and let these atrocities continue.

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