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Kercheval Riot 1966,
Detroit, Michigan
August 11, 1966

Agencies: Detroit Police Department Michigan

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It was here in the late summer of 1966 that frustration boiled over into anger. The Kercheval mini-riot was

The administration attempted to downplay the mini-riot by referring to it as an “incident,” but the undercurrent of anger was there and no public relations machine was going to dissipate it.  At the conclusion of every summer, the administration congratulated themselves on another riot free summer, proof positive that their social programs were working.
    But beneath the rosy headlines the veneer of civility which the Model City image exuded had worn down, and now the hostility was beginning to show through. Cavanagh’s star, which once shone brightly in the black community, had now dimmed considerably. A Kercheval resident echoed these sentiments about the mayor. “Him and that urban renewal. Man, they steal my house, put those peckerwoods [whites] in it, then tell you to move to some worse house 200 years old. I’m tired of running, tired of being pushed. There’s no place else to go. I hope to God it breaks out full scale. If I die, I’d rather die for something.”