Julius Cecil Freeman, 45

Chesterfield, South Carolina
January 27, 2014

Agencies: Riverside County Sheriff's Department California

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: almost 6 years ago


“While the officer attempted to arrest the subject, a physical altercation occurred and the officer shot the subject,” said Munoz. “The investigation is still underway.”

The man, who the Riverside County coroner’s office identified Tuesday as 39-year-old Luis Morin, died at the scene less than 30 minutes after being shot. The deputy involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave, according to the sheriff’s department.

Friends and family members on Tuesday gathered at the home where the shooting occurred.

They said the victim, who they described as a father of four, was returning from dinner with family members when the deputy came out from a hiding place and tried to arrest him.

He didn’t live at the home, and the group said they didn’t know why the deputy decided to wait there.

Several family members — including children — watched as the man was shot while his back was to the deputy, the group said.

"On Jan. 27, probation officer John Funderburk escorted John Freeman, 45, to the Tri-County Mental Health Center in Chesterfield for an appointment with Freeman’s doctor. Funderburk sat outside the patient office as the physician discussed possible changes in medications for treating the schizophrenic Freeman.

Freeman, who had said he was a Lumbee Indian, became agitated when the 33-year-old doctor told him he might have to go to a hospital. Freeman punched the physician, knocking him to the floor. Funderburk intervened, and he and Freeman, both white, began to fight as the doctor left the room, locked it and alerted the rest of the staff.
The fight spilled into a hallway, where Funderburk fired three shots, killing Freeman, who did not have a gun."

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