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Joshua Moreno, 38
Benton, Illinois
April 12, 2016

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Moreno, a suspect in a burglary, led officers on a car chase after refusing to stop when they tried to pull him over, police said. During the chase authorities said Moreno fired multiple shots at officers and carjacked another driver before he was shot by police.

One witness says at one point she thought the bullets were coming towards her.

“I heard sirens and was looking across the street and had seen a semi pulling out of Odom Concrete and then I heard ‘boom, boom’ and I ducked beside my car and was looking through my window and saw the grey truck fly by and then saw the cops go after him," said Adena Bowlin of Benton.

According to Franklin County Coroner Marty Leffler, the autopsy was performed on Wednesday afternoon, April 13.

Sheriff Jones said the incident is still under investigation. He could tell us who or what departments shot Moreno, or how many times he was shot.