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Joseph Mann, 50
Sacramento, California
July 11, 2016

Agencies: Sacramento Police Department California

Last updated: over 1 year ago

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50 year-old Joseph Mann was shot and killed during a confrontation with Sacramento police on Del Paso Boulevard near Dell Street in North Sacramento after he was reportedly acting erratic and allegedly came after police officers with a knife.

Two officers killed Joseph Mann in July under questionable circumstances on Del Paso Boulevard. He had a knife.

Enhanced audio from dashcam footage that police released on Sept. 20 – after The Sacramento Bee obtained surveillance footage from a private citizen – we now know that two officers first tried to run him over.

Randy Lozoya and John Tennis, the same officers who shot Mann 14 times, gunned their police cruiser toward Mann, backed up and then drove toward him again. They stopped the car, jumped out, ran toward Mann and shot him 14 times.

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August 2016 In an unprecedented request, members of Sacramento City Council are asking to see video of the police killing of a homeless African American man on Del Paso Boulevard before the official investigation is complete.

September 2016 Video released showing police trying to run over joseph before firing 14 shots at him.

October 2016 Unelected officials dragging their feet when it comes to accoutability

June 2016 Officer to be fired

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September 2016 Brother speaks on lack of accountability and transparency at Sacramento City Council