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Jose Daniel Vargas Jr, 15
Houston, Texas
October 31, 2003

Agencies: Harris County Sheriff's Office Texas

Last updated: about 1 year ago

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15, h/m, cruising a theater parking lot with 3 other boys, shot once in the chest and killed by Houston police officer Richard K. Butler, b/m. Butler claimed the cruising was suspicious behavior, ordered Vargas to stop his car and thrust his hands and gun inside the driver's window. He first claimed he shot Vargas because he felt threatened; police later claimed that instead of stopping his car, Vargas tried to drive off and the movement caused Butler's gun to go off. Butler was fired, but he appealed to a Civil Service Commission, which restored his job. Vargas is the 12th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

Officer Richard Kevin Butler no-billed by jury, later returned to the police force.