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Jorge Trejo, 34
Los Angeles, California
November 09, 2014

Agencies: Los Angeles Police Department California LAPD

Cause of death: shooting

Last updated: about 3 years ago

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During the chase, Trejo fired at officers in the area of 31st Street and Griffith Avenue and they, in return, fired at him.

Trejo fired at the police a third time during the chase, in the area of Avenue 26, east of the Pasadena (110) Freeway, and officers returned fire, he said.

A fourth and final officer-involved shooting occurred at Huron Street, south of Cypress Avenue, where Trejo was going north Huron Street, Preciado said.

Police said officers were able to stop the pickup truck with a PIT maneuver.

Preciado said Trejo pointed the shotgun at the officers, who shot him dead at the scene.