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Johnny Larry Crenshaw, 40
Detroit, Michigan
October 05, 1998

Agencies: Detroit Police Department Michigan

Last updated: 11 months ago

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According to witnesses, this killing occurred about 10 p.m. when Crenshaw, then 40, and his girlfriend, Glenda Webb, tried to use an automated teller machine at a bank on Joy Road in the city's west end. 

Crenshaw had difficulty using the machine. When another car pulled up to the machine on the other side, Crenshaw got out of Webb's dark green minivan and asked the woman for help. 

As the young woman helped Crenshaw withdraw cash, Webb moved her van to allow another vehicle -- a dark blue Suburban driven by off-duty officer Jerold Blanding -- to use the cash machine. Crenshaw did not notice Webb had moved her van. Concentrating on the cash, wallet and bank card in his hands, Crenshaw inadvertently approached the dark-colored Suburban. He opened the door and, realizing his mistake, said he was sorry, quickly shut the door, and began backing away, according to his account in court records.

In their statements to police, Blanding and his passenger, Tracey Elledge, also a Detroit officer, said Crenshaw jerked open the door, grabbed Elledge and announced a robbery. 

Blanding pulled his 9mm, 16-shot Glock automatic gun and shot through the rear passenger window, striking Crenshaw in the hand and shoulder. He then jumped out of the truck and continued firing at Crenshaw. 
Crenshaw and Webb told police Crenshaw was backing away, his hands in the air holding a $20 bill, his wallet and his cash machine card, pleading for Blanding not to shoot. 

Blanding shot Crenshaw as he bent over to pick up the card and wallet that had fallen out of his hands. He shot him again as he tried to get into Webb's van. Blanding told investigators Crenshaw was trying to flee and that he had an object in his hand.