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  • over 2 years ago Leon bonta

    Lisa should have never called those pigs

  • over 2 years ago Leon bonta

    Also why didnt you help him ,you let him die,why u have guns in your house ?just stay away from my family you have others fooled but not me.

  • over 2 years ago Leon bonta

    Also stop lying i was never on good terms with you,marie says youre two faced.

  • over 2 years ago Leon bonta

    Lisa stop cashing in on his death,an take youre own advice eff off yourself,!everyone knows you killed him ,we saw you throwing his stuff in the trash afterwards you ran in youre cheap apartment. Change your name please, an go back to utah.wannabe

  • over 2 years ago LISA

    Johnny was not told multiple times to lower the weapon. They said it ONE time, and immediately started firing. According to the Remsa report, they were not allowed to approach for 7 minutes. Johnny had uncontrolled bleeding from the chest and neck. The police didn't try and save him. They let him bleed out.

  • over 2 years ago LISA

    Fuck you Leon...the cops were knocking on the neighbors door...if you wanna believe what the media writes when all they did was interview the cops then that's on you. You weren't there that have no idea what happened. So when you can produce paperwork with my name on it as the one who called then you can talk your shit. But until then don't slander my name. Johnny was not even on good terms with you.

  • over 2 years ago Leon bonta

    Rest in peace Big Cuzz ,we miss you ,remember when we took you to eat at burger king?yeah I wish you well .I hoped nothing but happiness for you .you wouldn't have shot anyone man,these Frigging cop callers ..yeah their everywhere man,I don't live my life that way ..well till I see you again take your place at the council fire Hoka!!!!!!!

Johnny Bonta, 43
Sparks, Nevada
October 22, 2017

Agencies: Reno Police Department Nevada | Washoe County District Attorney’s Office Nevada | Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Nevada

Last updated: 10 months ago

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The Washoe County Sheriff's Office has identified the man killed during an officer-involved shooting in Sparks early Sunday morning. 

Deputies say 43-year-old Johnny Bonta of Sparks died after three officers opened fire on him after he came out of an apartment armed with a shotgun and wouldn't drop the weapon.

Police first responded to a report of a domestic violence call on Sullivan Lane which involved a mother and a daughter who were in the apartment with Bonta.

Officers got them out safely before the shooting happened.

The Washoe County Regional Officer-Involved Shooting Protocol has been activated.

The Sheriff’s Office is the lead agency for this investigation, working with investigators from the Reno Police Department, and the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office. Once completed, the investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney for his review.

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