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Joe Don Nevels, 42
Midland, Texas
June 06, 2015

Agencies: Midland Police Department Texas

Last updated: 8 months ago

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Midland police are investigating two very different incidents that left two men dead Saturday night.

In one incident, police are believed to have killed a man outside a west Midland local liquor store; in the other, a pedestrian was killed by a train, city spokeswoman Sara Bustilloz said.

Police and EMS were called to Bill’s Bottle Shop, located at Midland Drive and Neely Avenue, at about 8 p.m. by employees who said “a man was walking in and out of the store acting suspiciously,” Bustilloz said.

“At one point, they believed he stole from the store and then he came in bloody and was acting suicidal,” she said.

 She said the man — whose identity had not been released as of late Saturday night — was acting aggressively.

“Both officers used verbal commands before the subject charged officers with a box cutter,” Bustilloz said. “It’s believed at this time that both officers shot.”

She said that while the man cut himself, “it most  likely wasn’t enough to be fatal. Autopsy would show cause for sure, but he died shortly after the shooting.”