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Jerry Lloyd Goins Jr, 37
Portland , Oregon
July 19, 2006

Last updated: 7 months ago

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Jerry Goins, for example, was shot by police as he walked up to his ex-girlfriend's job with a gun, but then-Acting Sgt. Rich Steinbronn wasn't interviewed until seven days after he shot Goins. The reason given at the time: His lawyer wasn't available, the report shows.

A U.S. Navy sailor fatally shot himself in the head after he was wounded by a police officer in front of a military recruiting station, authorities said today.

Jerry Goins, 37, who was enlisted in the Navy and stationed in California, was shot Wednesday afternoon outside a military recruiting center in southeast Portland. Police had gone to the center after getting a report that an armed and suicidal man had gone there to see his girlfriend, said Sgt. Brian Schmautz, spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau.

Schmautz said Officer Richard Steinbronn did not find Goins when he arrived at the scene. But Steinbronn spent 15 minutes talking to people inside the recruiting center and also spoke with Goins on a cell phone.

Steinbronn, who was accompanied by a 19-year-old cadet as part of a ride-along program, left the recruiting center and got into a police car to return to patrol when he spotted Goins on the sidewalk.

Goins had a gun and witnesses told detectives that Steinbronn repeatedly ordered Goins to drop it. When Goins raised the weapon, Steinbronn shot him four times in the midsection, Schmautz said.

Goins then put his own gun to his head and pulled the trigger, Schmautz said.