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Jalen Mays, 26
Jacksonville, Florida
May 02, 2019

Agencies: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Florida

Last updated: about 1 month ago

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Jalen Mays was violently arrested and detained by Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers on May 1, 2019.  The JSO reported that they responded to a call that Mays was damaging property and causing a disturbance inside a business, including acting erratically and foaming at the mouth.  Officers said that Mays refused to cooperate, asking officers to "kill him" before getting into a struggle with them.  They invoked the Baker Act, which gives them permission to arrest and detain an individual that may be a danger to themselves and others, requesting help from Jacksonville Fire and Rescue paramedics to evaulate him.  Mays was eventually transported to a hospital.

Mays' family said they were told he died of substance abuse, but they believe that does not match the changes to his appearance or the injuries and bruising he sustained.  According to media reports Mays was possibly hogtied, and required placement in the intensive care unit at Orange Park Medical Center. His family says his body had bruises, welts and other effects consistent with trauma.  Mays died the following morning.

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The two officers involved in the arrest, S.R. Maddox and M.J. Reddish, were placed on administrative leave for a short period of time but then returned to active duty.  Different news organizations discovered that both of the officers had prior complaints.  Disciplinary records for one of the officers was deleted by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in an "administrative error."

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On August 2, 2019, the family of Jalen Mays held a vigil with the Jacksonville Community Action Committee.  The family demands that future funding in Jacksonville's budgets be allocated more towards mental health in the city and not towards additional JSO funding.  The family, with support from the JCAC, is also demanding an independent autopsy as well the release of convenience store video footage from teh arrest and body camera footage from the officers involved.