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Jada Monet Deleonardo, 17
Norwood Manor, Georgia
May 10, 2020

Agencies: Clayton County Georgia Police Department | Georgia Bureau of Investigation GBI

Last updated: 3 months ago

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FOX 5 spotted two vehicles collided on the north side of Moreland Avenue with severe damage; one vehicle's left side was completely crumpled. Not far was a Clayton County Sheriff's Office vehicle with minor damage to the back left side, stopped at the median. Moreland Ave. was shut down from Constitution Road to Bailey Street for several hours after the wreck. 

A trail of glass and car parts extended nearly 100 yards from the crash.

The Georgia State Patrol said the 17-year old driver of one car was killed when the vehicle being pursued struck her car. A 19-year-old passenger in that car was also critically injured.   

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#GoFundme family and funeral costs