Griselda Herrera Barrera, 40

San Antonio, Texas
January 23, 2008

Agencies: San Antonio Police Department Texas

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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On January 20th, 2008, at 1737 hrs.San Antonio Police Department Officer Torres #0884 responded to a traffic accident in the 400 blk. of Warren Street. He determines probable cause to believe that one of the drivers, Griselda Barrera, is intoxicated. She is arrested upon his arrival at the scene. He handles the accident report and transports her to 401 S. Frio which is the City of San Antonio Detention Center. Barrera is processed into the Detention Center at 1830 hrs. and taken to the Intoxilizer Room. Barrera is interviewed and agrees to take the test. The results of the intoxilizer test (.32) establish additional probable cause for the arrest of Barrera for the offense of driving while intoxicated. At 1943 hrs Barrera is processed through intake and noted as being uncooperative. She is placed in a holding cell alone due to the fact she is being uncooperative. At 2130 hrs. a cell check indicated Barrera was not in any distress. At 2140 hrs. Barrera was taken before a Magistrate. She makes the statement she is drinking because her husband died a month ago. After being magistrated she is returned to the holding cell. At 2205 hrs. Detention Officer Barrientes conducts a cell check and notices Barreras feet at an odd angle behind a privacy screen used to screen the toilet area. He enters the holding cell and finds Barrera had used her bra strap to hang herself from a pole supporting the privacy screen. DO Barrientes is able to free Barrera and summon help. CPR is started and continued until 2215 hrs. when EMS arrived and took over treatment of Barrera. She was transported to BAMC where she died on 01/23/08 at 0054 hrs. It was later learned that on January 13th, 2008, Barrera had attempted suicide by stabbing herself.

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Marriage certificate:  [BARRERA, ALFRED A who was 48 (born ABT 1952) married 8 MAY 2000 in BEXAR COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a bride named GRISELDA HERRERA who was 33 (born ABT 1967).   1,867,134]

Death Index about Griselda Barrera on ... Griselda lived in San Antonio, Texas 78201, USA. Griselda passed away on January 23 2008, at age 40.