Gralynn Keith Guillory, 20

Houston, Texas
September 08, 2003

Agencies: Houston Police Department Texas

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: over 5 years ago


Gralynn Keith Guillory, b/m, 20, shot multiple times and killed by Houston PD patrol officers J. D. Terry, a 2-year veteran, and C. L. Nichols, on the force just 3 months, both of the Westside division. At approximately 11 pm a deputy constable responded to a report of a "suspicious man with a knife." The deputy said Guillory began following him around his squad car, at one point grabbing the nozzle of a gas pump. His "irrational behavior" continued until twenty minutes later, when Terry and Nichols arrived. They claim Guillory approached Nichols in a threatening manner and they shot him.

Although Guillory exhibited signs of mental illness during this entire incident, again, HPD’s CIT either was not called, or failed to respond; he is the 11th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers.