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Gabriel Lopez Gonzalez, 22
San Fernando, California
August 12, 2014

Agencies: San Fernando Police Department California

Last updated: 11 months ago

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Gabriel Lopez-Gonzalez, who was killed when he faced San Fernando Police officers in a confusing episode along Brand Boulevard in the City of San Fernando on August 12, 2014. His family has doubted the accounts of his death.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office released Lopez-Gonzalez’ autopsy report, which has raised even more questions for the family. They hired an attorney, and filed a civil complaint against the City, a prelude to a lawsuit.

According to Marisol Garcia, a cousin of Lopez-Gonzalez, the report shows the 22-year-old received 27 bullets in total — seven of them from a shotgun, including three that were to his back.

“The lawyer has sent the report to be analyzed to see if every single bullet wound which was on the back was an exit or entry wound,” Garcia told the (italics) San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol (italics end).

She noted the autopsy report also shows that Lopez-Gonzalez received two bullet wounds to his head.