• almost 5 years ago Antonia Palomino

    How was this case against Villarreal justified if no one was hold accountable for his death...

  • almost 5 years ago Antonia Palomino

    There's something wrong with Villarreals death in this case against Bakersfield police officers who were involved in this case that the other three suspects who were with Villareal on the day of his death were release with no question asked how can that be possible that's very wrong this case needs to be looked into as soon as possible...

Francisco Villarreal, 37

Bakersfield, California
August 18, 2016

Agencies: Bakersfield Police Department California | Kern County Sheriff's Office California

Cause of death: Shooting

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The Bakersfield Police Department said officers tried to conduct a traffic stop for an improper turn on the 3900 block of Stockdale Highway, but the driver wouldn't stop, and a pursuit ensued.

When the suspects' car stopped on the 900 block of Feliz Drive, two men got out of the backseat. Two females in the front seats stayed in the car, according to the Police Department.

One of the men was quickly taken into custody, though he's accused of trying to assault an officer.

Villarreal led officers on a foot chase, shooting at officers several times, according to the Police Department. Officers shot Villarreal, who died at the scene.