Francine Sonnier, 34

Houston, Texas
January 28, 2007

Agencies: Houston Police Department Texas | Texas Department of Criminal Justice | Texas Attorney General's Office | Texas Department of Public Safety

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Sergeant B. A. Garrison and Officer Dexter and Walker responded to a domestic disturbance call at a residence located at 5214 Wickview Lane; Houston, Texas. Upon arrival, the suspect Francine Sonnier was seen by officers standing in the front doorway of the residence. Upon seeing the officers Ms. Sonnier retreated into the house. Officers were invited into the residence by Cheryl Whitmire, the owner of the residence. Ms. Whitmire told officers that Ms. Sonnier had a handgun and had been involved in an argument with her boyfriend X. During the argument with her boyfriend Ms. Sonnier had fired a shot at X. Ms Whitmire told officers that Ms. Sonnier had gone into a bedroom in the house and then showed the officers which bedroom that Ms. Sonnier had gone into. Officers went to the door and knocked and then asked Ms. Sonnier to come out. Ms. Sonnier responded that she would come out in a few minutes. Officers asked Ms. Sonnier several more times to come out of the bedroom but did not receive a response. After a few minutes officers heard a muffled gun shot. Officers then cleared the residence of all the other occupants and called SWAT unit and advised them that they had a barricade suspect situation. SWAT responded to the scene and by using their remote video camera found Ms. Sonnier in a closet. It was apparent that she had been shot. SWAT officers made entry into the residence and found Ms. Sonnier dead in the closet, with a .380 highpoint automatic pistol lying on her chest. A spent shell casing was also recovered in the closet. Ms. Sonnier had left a handwritten suicide note asking her children to forgive her and to be strong and carry on. Ms. Sonnier was distraught over problems in her life and it is apparent that she commited suicide while Houston Police officers were trying to help her resolve her problems.

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