Flora Cornejo Puebla, 60

Houston, Texas
March 05, 2009

Agencies: Harris County Sheriff's Office Texas | Texas Commission on Jail Standards | Texas Jail Project

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Last updated: almost 4 years ago


Flora Puebla was booked into the Harris county Jail on 11/25/09 at approximately 1040 hours. Inmate Puebla was last housed at the 1200 Baker Street facility in cell 4B1, bunk 02F. On 02/21/2009, at approximately 0555 hours, the hospital security desk was notified that inmate Puebla arrived by ambulance at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital emergency center from the 1200 Baker Street Facility for a complaint of nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, and diabetes. On 02/21/2009 at approximately 0720 hours inmate Puebla was subsequently transferred to Ben Taub Emergency Center by ambulance and arrived at Ben Taub shock room 3 at approximately 0745 hours. On 03/05/2009 at approximately 1138 hours, Deputy Chris Lee was advised by Nurse V. Moreno that the family had decided to discontinue life support and that inmate Pueblas life support was being disconnected per written orders of Dr. Kitagawa. Dr. Kitagawa and Nurse Moreno then disconnected life support and Respiratory Technician G. Jolly disconnected and removed the tracheal tube. On 03/05/2009 at approximately 1835 hours Doctor Sahni pronounced inmate Puebla dead. Doctor Sahni stated a tentative cause of death was cardiac arrest. Deputy Lee and Patient Transportation Employee O. Warren escorted the remains of inmate Puebla from the 4th floor NICU to the morgue at 2209 hours on 03/05/09. They arrived at the morgue at 2218 hours 03/05/09. The remains and scene were turned over to the care, custody and control of the Ben Taub personnel. Case was referred to Homicide Division for final disposition.

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