Elizabeth Marie Carter, 31

El Paso, Texas
April 01, 2014

Agencies: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Texas | Texas Commission on Jail Standards | Texas Jail Project

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Last updated: almost 4 years ago


Unattended Death Case # 2013-03175 Deceased- Carter, Elizabeth Marie, DOB 11-06-81, 31 YOA Deceased was arrested in Odessa Texas for an outstanding warrant out of El Paso. The warrant was a Capias for Fail to Comply With sex Offender Registration Life/Annually under warrant # 2012ODO5424. The warrant was issued on 11-20-12 and had a $10,000.00 bond. The Offense date was listed as 09-25-12 and the Offense code was 36990007. The Deceased was arrested by Dep. R. Galvan and Dep. P. Pena on 03-29-13 in Odessa TX and transported back to El Paso on the same day. Deputies arrived at El Paso and booked the Deceased at the El Paso County Jail, Downtown facility at 1457 hrs. on 03-29-13. At the time of her booking the Deceased was interviewed by Nurse Burciaga and the Deceased advised Burciaga that she was not ill nor injured. The Deceased also told Burciaga that she was not pregnant and that she had attempted suicide by jumping out of a moving vehicle a couple of years ago. The Deceased stated that she had lost her Step-Father in January of 2013. Nurse Burciaga placed the Deceased in a 15 minutes observation, Suicide Watch and Administrative Segregation. The Deceased was assigned and escorted to cell 1080. On 03-31-13 at around 1600 hrs. Corporal A. Garcia was conducting an Administration Segregation check on the 10th floor in Cell Block 1080. Officer Pizana #5920 entered cell 1080 and found Deceased lying in the showers. Deceased advised Officer Pizana that while she was taking a shower she felt dizzy and lost consciousness, the next thing the Deceased remembered she was lying on the floor. Cpl. Garcia and Officer Pizana escorted the Deceased to the clinic. The Deceased was seen and treated by Nurse Martinez. According to Cpl. Garcia, Martinez gave an IV to the Deceased. At 1822hrs. Nurse Martinez told Cpl. Garcia to place the Deceased back into her cell. Cpl. Garcia and Officer Tellez escorted the Deceased back to her cell, but they noticed the Deceased was weak so she was placed in the visitation area for better observation. At 2059hrs. Nurse Martinez checked on the Deceased and advised the Officers to place her back in her cell. While medicating cell block 1080 Officer Tellez checked on the Deceased and saw her vomiting. Officer Tellez, Officer I. Rodriguez, and Officer Pizana escorted Deceased back to the clinic. Officers observed the Deceased was not breathing and began to administer CPR. At 2147 Emergency Medical Services arrived and took over CPR. At 2150hrs. EMS transported the Deceased to University Medical Services Hospital. At University Medical Services Hospital the Deceased was assigned to Trauma Unit #2. The Deceased went into surgery sometime in the early hours of 04-01-13 for a Ruptured Atopic Pregnancy. After the surgery the Deceased was assigned to ICU room #18. At approx. 0525 hrs. Dr. Jodie Smith and her crew began CPR on the Deceased, but were unable to resusitate her. Dr. J. Smith declared the time of the Deceased`s death at 0541 hrs. on 04-01-13. On 04-04-13 at 1015 hrs. an autopsy was performed on the Deceased.

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