Dreasjon Reed, 21

Indianapolis, Indiana
May 06, 2020

Agencies: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Indiana | Indiana State Police

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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Dreasjon “Sean” Reed was shot and killed by Indianapolis police on May 6, 2020, in an incident that was captured on Reed’s Facebook Live. The 21-year-old Reed was involved in a police pursuit in the northwest of the city, when he parked his car near 62nd and Michigan and began to run. According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), the officer in pursuit tried to tase Reed and then shot him. Reed was pronounced dead at the scene.

Legal Action

On June 4, 2020, Rosemary Khoury, a longtime central Indiana prosecutor was appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate this fatal shooting of a black man by an Indianapolis police officer. The appointment came one day after Reed’s mother and family attorneys called for the federal government to intervene and investigate his death.

June 2020 Special prosecutor asks Indiana State Police to investigate.

On June 16, 2020, Reed's mother filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city, its police department and four officers, including the one who fired the fatal shots.

Surveillance video released two weeks after the killing seem to indicate that Reed could not have shot at the officer as was alleged.

In July 2020, special prosecutor Rosemary Khoury requests that autopsy completed on June 12 not be released to the victim's family.

On August 23, 2020, the special prosecutor announced that she'd requested that a grand jury be impaneled to handle the final stage of that investigation.

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