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Diane Clark Higgins, 55
Bryan, Texas
December 05, 2010

Agencies: Brazos County Sheriff's Office Texas

Last updated: 5 months ago

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At 2:29am Jailer Norman Wynn and I looked into the Separation Cell via in house camera and noticed Higgins, Diane down under her bunk. I then had Jailer Wynn to open separation and I knelt down and began speaking to Higgins who was moaning and moving. I then came into dispatch area at 2:31am and advised Deputy Edwards that I had a female down. At 2:33am, I advised 911 operator to have EMS en route to the Sheriffs office. EMS was en route to the jail at 2:34am. At 2:35am, EMS was on scene at the jail. At 2:39am, Deputy Edwards arrived at the jail. At 2:39am Jerry Stover-Chief Deputy and Whitherspoon, Tifani were notified of incident by Norman Wynn. At 2:46am, EMS began working on subject in the RCSO jail hallway also at the time Franklin Fire Department was toned per the medic. At 2:49am Franklin Fire Department received 911s page. At 2:47am, EMS began CPR on Higgins. At 2:48am, EMS put Mrs. Higgins on their backboard and stretcher. At 2:51am Kenny was notified by Norman Wynn. At 2:57am, dispatch Wells spoke with Mrs. Tifani who advised that she was en route to the jail. At 2:58am Jerry Stover advised that he was 10-8. At 2:58am, Deputy Edwards advised he was 10-8 from the jail following EMS. At 2:59am, dispatch spoke with 3202 in reference to Mrs. Higgins. Medic I advised that they were Code 3 with one subject and on riden at 3:012am.

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